Inhalers are a very important part of managing your Asthma. Patients often ask us “What is the best inhaler?” The answer is always the same. The best inhaler is the inhaler that works best for you, the patient!

Some inhalers have different uses. Blue inhalers (e.g. Ventolin or Salbutamol) or reliever inhalers treat symptoms quickly, for immediate relief so you are less likely to have an Asthma attack. If you do have an attack, they can also come to your rescue. Remember to never leave home without it and always keep it nearby.

Other inhalers (e.g. Symbicort, Relvar, Seretide) are preventer inhalers. These work in the background to calm the inflammation in your airways, preventing further attacks. These are meant to be taken everyday, even if you feel well and have no symptoms.

If you need to use your reliever inhaler three times a week or more, it’s a sign your asthma isn’t well managed. You should see your doctor in order to optimize your Asthma treatment.

Written by Pulmonologist Dr. Mohammed

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